Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research

Some examples

Read more about what quantitative market research methods we use. Any questions, drop us a line.


Why might you do it?

1. What does my defined market look like?

2. What do my target market need and what drives their decision making?

3. How do I bring my customers and targets to life?

4. How do I find and target new customers?


Why might you do it?

1. What do people know about and think of my brand?

2. What effect does spending money have on my brand?

3. How do I make this spending more efficient?

Customer Satisfaction - CSAT

Why might you do it?

1. How well do we treat customers?

2. How likely are those customers to either use us again or refer us?

3. How do we increase the likelihood for customers to use us again and refer us?

Proposition, Market Sizing & NPD Survey​

Why might you do it?

1. What else could my brand offer to meet the needs of my customers?

2. How could I identify and demonstrate potential commercials on new ideas?

3. Is it worth investing in these new ideas?


Why might you do it?

1. I do a lot of research, how do I bring the cost down?

2. I want to really get to know particular clusters of my customers.

3. I want my research back faster.

Critical Path Analysis

Why might you do it?

1. Why are more people not buying my product or service?

2. Where are the gaps in my customer journey?

3. What do I need to do to get more customers?

Qualitative Research Methods

Want to dig a bit deeper? Often the best way to understand something is to just ask why. This simple thought process can lead to fascinating and rich insights. Take a look at some of the ways we approach this kind of work.

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Grow your business, learn about your customers or test out new ideas. Ragdoll Research has everything you need to create a fully comprehensive market research strategy and useful market insights.

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