Market Research Strategies

Whilst most other agencies will discuss proprietary techniques – often just an arbitrary tweak to a conventional approach – or showcase every FTSE listed brand they have ever worked with since they were founded, we take a different approach. We think that it is the way that the agency thinks that makes the difference. After all, your challenges won’t always fit in a set model, or be something that can be solved by experience alone.

With all our quantitative work we strive to go one step beyond the data and help blend our insights into the existing strategy.

Getting under the skin of consumers is often where the biggest nuggets of insight come from. So much of what consumers do is unconscious and good qualitative research is the tool to dig deep and reveal these insights.

Ragdoll is a market research agency based in the South West, providing key market insights to help your business grow.

Grow your business, learn about your customers or test out new ideas. Ragdoll Research has everything you need to create a fully comprehensive market research strategy and useful market insights.

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