About Ragdoll Research.

So, where did the name Ragdoll come from?

We’re quite often asked where our name came from.

In the constant pursuit of the new, we think you need to understand the past. We will often augment the new with anything relevant we can get our hands on (previous research, published data, sales data, desk research etc.).

This stretches us, helps us test and translate thoughts, and ultimately makes the outputs more powerful. On their own, many of these pieces of information may be hugely valuable, but stitched together in the right way, are worth more than the sum of their parts.

Rather like a ragdoll.

Our thought process.

The diligent gathering of data and information, and the accurate reporting of facts are of course vital, and a service that most good research agencies are happy to provide.

Beyond this, is the implementation of these insights in the context of your business, and the development of clear, well thought through, simply positioned ideas and outputs that all have the power to drive opportunity.

We call this style of thinking Commercial Intelligence, and we apply it from the nose to the tail of every interaction, project, and relationship we have.

What we do.

We pride ourselves on the fact that nothing is standard at Ragdoll. 

Every project we manage, no matter who the Client, no matter who the audience, is bespoke. This means that explaining what we offer is a complicated process, but in its simplest terms, we will utilise any and all research techniques we need to get the heart of the Client challenges. Often, this may mean combining several approaches (or even creating something new) to ensure we get the clearest read possible. 


Ragdoll is a market research agency based in the South West, providing key market insights to help your business grow.

Grow your business, learn about your customers or test out new ideas. Ragdoll Research has everything you need to create a fully comprehensive market research strategy and useful market insights.

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